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The back fabric wall is complete. I have been procastinating over the project. Once the theater was up and running my motivation to continue to work on it disappeared. But here it is…

Back Wall complete

Check out more pictures here.

I finally got around to posting some pictures of the theater contruction here. Paint should go up today and I am guessing a week or two until they are done!

Ahhh… we’re now online in our new home… Life is good!

We’ve spent most of the past two weekends – and two days for V off work – moving into our new home. MANY thanks to V’s Mom & Bruce for their intense labor packing up our old house (weekend #1) – and MANY thanks also to Brian’s parents for their intense labor moving the packed house into the new house (weekend #2). Thanks to their help – and 2.5 guys from a local mover – we have just about everything out of the old house and into the new!

(The 2.5 mover comment: one of our 3 guys was only partially effective as a mover due to a leg injury… one might wonder why they would send someone who can’t do stairs or steps of any kind to move out of and into a 3 story home. )

We’re LOVING the new house – even though we’re still in that “not able to easily find things” mode as we continue to find homes for things – and try to remember where we put others… But the bulk of the work is done.


Now – on to Brian’s basement project… on which construction started the Tuesday after closing!

We have a closing date! YEA! Looks like we’re closing on the new place on Friday the 29th of July. Not bad at all!!!

We’ve seen the cabinets go in during the week this week – and they are lovely! Since we upgraded to Maple that means we get maple in the kitchen (our main motivation for the upgrade) – but also in the 3 baths – where the also look LOVELY! The change request for a vanity in the master bath (for V) looks sharp as well… Very exciting!

So – doors are hung and there are a few little things that need tweaking before they can get into “finishing phase” (switch on the wrong side of the door – so they should probably re-hang the door, switches in the wrong order in the plate, that kind of thing) – but we’re so close, and so excited to be moving into our “yuppie dream house”…

Come on July!

The hardwood is in downstairs in the new house – hooray! (And from the bits we see that aren’t covered with paper – to keep from grinding the dirt in – they look very nice indeed!) The tile is also complete in the master bath (tile floor & bath) and guest bath (just the bath – the floor is linoleum.)
Its coming together! (And also nice to see tha the tile / linoleum combinations we chose at the design center seeminly so long ago still go together! :)

Next step seems to be cabinetry – which was apparently delivered today and is stacked in house’s garage. They’ve started locking the front door – which is cool… Of course we just get in through the back!

Progress! We have painted walls now (yea!) and the doors are hung throughout the house… And we have our linoleum in the mud room and the upstairs and downstairs baths (the master was just starting to be tiled on Saturday!)

We swung by the “sales event” this Saturday at the development – lured by the chance to win something (again – after our Lowes win last month) – and the free food (Chick-fil-A!). Too bad we were running a bit late and missed lunch (our neighbors know good eats!) – but Brian was a winner this month, winning a pair of nice sunglasses & case. Not bad for a free lunch!

Friends Dave & Suzanne came over to check out the house & its progress – and gave us a few great ideas while they were at it!

All in all – we’re getting excited (and tired of cleaning / being neat at our home which we’re putting on the market on Monday). Go house go!

We’ve finally decided – we’re not quite ready for the slum lord (ahem) I mean rental property owner lifestyle. While this certainly could be the wrong decision in the Colorado Springs market, with many soldiers moving to Colorado since none of our bases were closed (as of the early June list!) and troops are returning from overseas assignments – we just decided that even with a management company we’re just not quite ready to be rental property owners.

The upshot of that decision: we need to get our home ready to show & sell!

We’ve given ourselves two weeks from yesterday’s walkthrough with our terrific realtors (Brunk & Brunk) to take action on the items they recommended we do (mainly rolling up rugs, de-cluttering our office and guest room, etc.) to get the house “show” ready. Now we just have to get motivated and get to it! :)

We have drywall – and its almost done! The basics looked like they were done when we stopped by the house on the way out of town Saturday for the long weekend… Too bad there are still a few (3) things we’d like done – 2 to be done by SoundTrack – before they mud / texture, etc.

What two things from SoundTrack? The missing phone outlet in the den (hopefully an easy fix – since we think they can run it up from the basement)… And the speaker coil for the master bathroom is about 3 inches from the wall still – instead of centered in the ceiling.

The one thing that we’d talked with Gary about that John Laing could do – though it isn’t standard: moving the doorbell higher and thermostat lower on the wall they share – so that we can (hopefully) still use that wall for hanging some of our photos / art on. The way they have them in the standard layout – the space between the thermostat and doorbell chime box isn’t quite large enough for a picture of any useful size. BUT – if you move the doorbell chime up to the top of the wall (since no one looks at it anyway) – and move the thermostat down slightly – its just right! (We’ll see if we can press our luck with this one!)

Hopefully we’re getting close to texturing. After texture comes cabinets – and with their install = our “30 days until closing” letter! Woohoo!

We’ve been going to the monthly “sales” events that John Laing has at our development. The “sales” event is the weekend each month where they release the next set (usually 6) of lots in the development, and announce which of the lucky waitlisted buyers will take each lot. They get to walk to the front – in the order they are on the list – take a “Sold” sticker – and place it on the lot of their choice.

Why would we go to these things?
Well – there is the free food (lunch is provided) – and the door prizes (we won something this past weekend actually, a $25 gift certificate to Lowes) – but the best part: we get to meet our soon to be neighbors! So far we’ve met the couple who will be living across the street – and one couple from down the street – all before we’ve even closed on our homes. We’ve talked about things we’ve noticed in the building process (how cool Gary is, for example) – thoughts on lawn, going in together for a fence, places with deals on window treatments, that kind of thing. Its fun to meet these folks so early – and we all have this “shared experience” of building our homes – which gives us something common to talk about! :)

So for now – once a month until all the lots in our development are sold – you can find us at a John Laing “sales” event… Eating a free lunch and chatting with our soon to be neighbors!

Granted, we haven’t built a house before – so we haven’t been on a frame walk with another builder, BUT what a thorough job (patient with our questions & educating us on the what & whys) Gary from John Laing did on our frame walk the other day.

We were concerned with some work that SoundTrack had done. He’s all over what was wrong & is going to get them back out to fix it.

We had small questions on why this / why that – he examined the thing we were talking about and either talked us through it or is going to look into it. “If it doesn’t cost the company money, I’ll do it.” VERY NICE!

Really amazing. “Sold” us on the house, and the builder (and probably sold our realtor on working with John Laing in the future too!) just from the frame walk…. Very impressive. Gary is a keeper – and so is the house! :)