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I picked up the last most recent of our Jermaine prints at the framers. I’m not sure if this is where we will keep them hung, it might be a little overpowering for all these images in one place.

From the New Jersey Star-Ledger play-by-play review of the American Idol finale:

8:14: Chris Daughtry performs with his favorite band, Live, whose cover of “Walk the Line” he used on’50s Night. He looks and sounds like a miniature version of Live singer Ed Kowalczyk; maybe they can bring him on tour in a case that reads, “In case of frontman emergency, break glass.”

Live performed the single, Mystery, from their upcoming album on the American Idol finale this week. Selling out or bringing some cred to AI, either way playing their new single in front of 36 million viewers can only help album sales.

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
March 18, 2006
The Gothic

Thanks to Michelle & Beau for turning us on to this great show!  Independently, Brian and I both thought that Roger Clyne and co. are much like “the Jimmy Buffet of the Mexican Border”… Just meaning that many of their songs romance the U.S. / Mexico border and Mexican beach towns in much the same way that Jimmy does with the Florida Keys.

We’ll have to study up on some lyrics so we can sing along next time! (And – I may be crazy – but I think they do the theme song on the cartoon “King of the Hill”…A funny encore closer!)

Even though I was denied tickets for Ben at the Fox. We did get tickets for Roger Clyne this weekend and Everclear in a few weeks.

I checked my email today and it looks like Live is coming back to Denver! No info yet on ticket sales yet. Should be a good show, the new album might be out by then, the release date and format (CD, Dual Disc, etc.) keeps changing.

Wow, what a couple of days of concert annoucments…

  • First KBCO announced Ben Harper is playing two nights at the Fox in Boulder.
  • Then School of Mines announced Everclear is playing on campus in April.
  • Then we found out that Erasure is coming back to Colorado and playing the Boulder Theater in May. These guys put on a great show and the audience is totally absorbed into each moment of every song. Too bad it is a week night, so we will probably have to pass. We are getting too old to stay up that late and make it into work the next day.

Soiled Dove, Denver, CO

This was the fourth time we have seen Carbon Leaf since “discovering” them opening for another fav band ‘Great Big Sea’ back in March at 32 Bleu. Two local bands opened for them tonight and neither were very good at all.

Carbon Leaf finally hit the stage about 11:30 pm. The first part of the set they appeared to being mixing up the tempos, slowing most of the songs down a little. The sound guy was also throwing in a lot of delay and echo, which was very odd. About half way thru the set they were back to playing like I remember. It was a great set overall (I forgot to write down the setlist and hope to find it listed somewhere soon.)

Have you seen that Far Side cartoon “Raymond’s last day as the band’s sound technician” and shows a guy turning up the “Suck” knob? Well this was life imitating art… Near the end of the set the sound guy was really starting to piss the band off with the effects and feed back in the system.

Apollo Theater NYC

Amazing theater. I have seen it so many times on TV and in pictures but I had always thought it was much larger. We were in row 16 and there were only 2 more rows behind us. With the floor and two balconies I’d guesstimate the whole theater holds fewer than 1500. The entire show was filmed for what I hope is a full DVD of the show.

Ben came out and started to play solo. Soon after the Blind Boys were escorted on stage to a round of applause. The ICs came out after that. The first two sets were mostly stuff from the new album with a few old Ben tunes thrown in. Ben seemed to really be enjoying himself but something just wasn’t clicking musically (could be that or just be me projecting my unfamiliarity with the new material) The highlight of the sets with the BBs was where Jimmy wandered around the aisle singing.

After the two sets and an encore with the BBs Ben and the band returned for almost a full set. The band and Ben were in rare form for this last set. Jumping, dancing and having a great time on stage. Ben said that Leon had so much stuff back there that he opens up a table on the weekends to try to sell some it.

“People will Lead” and “Excuse Me Mr.” were the highlights for me. What a great show at such a historical landmark. I can not believe that Ben and the boys had never played there before that night.

Set List:
11th Commandment >
Well Well Well
I Want To Be Ready
Take My Hand
Picture of Jesus
Church House Steps
Give a Man a Home
Wicked Man
Mother Pray
I Shall Not Walk Alone
Church On Time

Where Could I Go
There Will Be A Light
Satisfied Mind

Power of the Gospel

Don’t Take That Attitude To Your Grave
Excuse Me Mr.
Brown Eyed Blues
Steal My Kisses
People Lead
Temporary Remedy
With My Own Two Hands/War