Ed Kowalczyk
Boulder Theater
Boulder, CO

Fun show last night at etown, the internationally syndicated radio show. We barely made it in time due to traffic in Denver, we arrived 10 minutes before showtime, but were still able to get seats in row 5 just off center.

The Del McCoury Band had first bill, they played a few songs. I hadn’t heard of them before last night, but they are legends in the Bluegrass community, we will probably pick up a few of their CDs to add to the collection. Del McCoury has been in the biz forever, he just released a 50 year, yes 50 year retrospective of his career.

Ed came out and played I Alone and Lightening Crashes solo acoustic, then sat down with Nick Forester (the host of etown) for an interview, Nick admitted that he was not familiar with Ed or Live, but Nick had done his research and did a good interview. They talked about the “hiatus” for Live, Ed was very non committal about any specifics about Live’s future, but made a point to say that the band has not “officially” broken up. Ed mentioned that he is recording his solo album this Fall for a Spring release. After the interview Ed and the house band, the etones, played Turn My Head and The Distance. Typically, to close out an episode/recording of etown the 2 acts perform a song together, as Nick, the host said, “It’s not a collision of two worlds, it’s a seamless marriage.” Typically they play a song from the “bigger” act, however last night was a bit different, during sound check Ed and The Del McCoury Band learned Bob Dylan’s Maggie’s Farm, neither act had performed the song before. Ed voice is very well suited for this song. It was the highlight of the evening, the Bluegrass fans dug it, the Live/Ed fans dug it. I fully expect Maggie’s Farm to be added to Ed’s solo setlist. Here is a sample, more to come later.

They were selling the Hoboken boot on USB drive, Ed’s t-shirt and poster flats (for $10!) in the lobby. Ed came out to the lobby to sign autographs afterwards. I asked him if he plans on coming back to Colorado to play a full set (this is the second radio show he has done in Colorado this year), he said he plans a full US tour to support the solo album. I also asked him if he was going to play with his friend Stuart Davis at his show on Saturday, but he said he has to get home, but wished he could have stayed the weekend for the show.

The etown performance ran about 2 hours in length, it will be edited down to about an hour and played on radio stations in about 6 weeks, check out etown.org for stations in your area that have the show. etown is also available as a podcast.

All in all a fun night, Maggie’s Farm was by far the highlight.

Viki’s pictures from the show are up here.