The Decemberist
Denver, CO

I really wasn’t sure what to expect – especially after hearing their new album! This show was a total “trip”… Like seeing a goth rock opera – complete with the “goth angel” in a white gown doing the etherial vocals and a “goth devil” in a black gown doing the heavy female vocal role.

The first set was alot of material from their new album (with very few breaks between songs) that felt just like listing to their new album live – it’s some sort of goth rock concept album (Like The Who’s Tommy?) … Then a brief intermission, followed by a shorter set played more as a “band” than “a performance” (and minus the angel/devil chicks).

While the first half was interesting – it had a very “Spinal Tap” feel to it… I really expected the pods or dancing “little people” at any moment. The second half was much more my speed – probably partly because I was more familiar with the material. Though – angel & devil girl both re-joined the band for the encore – a KILLER version of Heart’s “Crazy on You.” Encore! Encore!