brian-and-viki.JPGThrough Brian’s mom Cheryl’s involvement with the Delta Gamma sorority – and their philanthropy to aid the blind – we were invited to the grand opening of the new Anchor Center for the Blind in Denver.

The new building is an amazing facility – with lots of little touches to help the blind and visually impaired preschoolers that they serve better orient themselves to the world around them. And, while seeing the building in the evening as a “social” setting was nice – I think we all would like to go back during the school day to see the kids interacting with their new facility. :)

Learn more about The Anchor Center

And if you find yourself there – be sure to check out the Blankenship’s “Cane Walk Lane” – that helps preschoolers experience different paving surfaces from brick, cement, gravel, to wood and stone, as they practice walking with their cane. (The sign says: “Cane Walk Lane – Bruce and Cheryl Blankenship. In honor of all families with special recognition of our sons, Brian and Kevin.”)