It was a dark day in the house today. A Mac has invaded our normally Windows friendly environs. However, the problem is being remedied by installing XP on our new Mac Mini.

The Mini is slated to be a media extender for our SageTV system (think Tivo on steroids) for the new 50″ plasma that should arrive next week.

Eat this...

[Warning geek speak… The only copy of XP that I have is an old (really old, like from the initial launch of XP in 2002). Since then Micro$oft has released a couple of Service Packs. SP2 is required for loading BootCamp onto the new Macs. Thankfully I found this VERY useful site (Slipstreaming Windows XP) for combining my XP disc and the free download of SP2 into a single bootable CD.]

fencetitle.jpgCheck out the trailer for our friend Tom’s latest film –
On this one, Tom was Producer and Director of Photography.

Look for Broken Fences coming soon (hopefully!) to a film festival near you!

Viki’s new favorite ad.

I have been looking for an easy way to map out our travels. It looks like Community Walk may fit the bill. Here is our map for our upcoming road-trip in PA.

CommunityWalk Map – 2007 Live Road Trip

Colorado College has this interesting series of lectures called “Innovative Minds” – and their latest speaker was Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s… The title of his talk was “Social Responsibility, Radical Business Philosophy, and Free Ice Cream.” And yes, there was actually free ice cream!

We both went – in the Shove Chapel, which I think is the largest “auditorium” on CC’s campus – and thought it was a good speach. While Jerry isn’t the most dynamic of speakers (the prof who did the introductions was terrific! by contrast) – the stories he told were good… And his theory: businesses are the modern day sources of Power (while it used to be The Church, and The Government) – and that businesses could also have “souls”. His overall message being that it isn’t “anti-business” to do things for the greater good of society – and that in fact, if businesses don’t do things for society and are instead only motivated by profit – won’t our society be adversely impacted?

And – when followed by free delicious ice cream – the message went down well…

Air Force pulled out another NIT win. Their outside game was non-existent and their inside game was very good. Somehow they kept in the game. DePaul was up by as much as 9 and AFA kept fighting their way back to tie. Late in the game AFA went up by one, leaving DePaul 7.7 seconds to drive the court and try to get the winning basket. With 3 fouls to give, AFA fouled them twice leaving just under 3 seconds for a last ditch effort. DePaul got a good look at the basket but rimmed out and AFA won a ticket to the NIT Final Four.

Clune Arena was NUTS! You cold barely hear the band over the cheering and clapping of the crowd. As soon as the final buzzer went off the Cadet Corps rushed the court.


Per Academy tradition the team normally lines up along the baseline at attention and sings the alma mater. However, with the entire cadet section on the floor, not only did the team line up but so did all of the cadets. Very classy.


You have to love a weekend that includes both Hockey and Head Shaving…

First for the head shaving:
Our friend Suzanne (and hubby Dave) were helping their best friend Amberly organize a St. Baldrick’s event here in Colorado Springs. One of the cool things about this event: It was actually Amberly’s son Dylan who got his mom (and lots of others) fired up about setting up this event, and he’s only 12 years old!  Suzanne was giving us the recap on Saturday evening (after two full days of acting as the “money babe” for this event) – and said that, even though she and Amberly had only planned the event 6 weeks in advance – they had somewhere over $19,000 raised!  WOW.  Terrific for their “innaugural” event!

Then the Hockey:
We headed out to support Colorado College in their second game against Michigan Tech. Let’s just say – hockey at CC is a really college sport… not like the GaTech “club” team we had.  CC plays down at the World Arena – and typically to quite a full crowd.  Saturday night’s game was the second of a 3 game match up in the first round of the WCHA Tournament.

Though it seems cliche’ (probably because growing up in Atlanta – every time there was a threat of “the white stuff” the news would create “Storm Watch ‘XX” or “Blizzard Watch ‘XX”) – we did get a bit of a blizzard this year.

Blizzard:  A violent snowstorm with winds blowing at a minimum speed of 35 miles (56 kilometers) per hour and visibility of less than one-quarter mile (400 meters) for three hours.

Brian and I – troopers that we are – headed in to work on Thursday morning, knowing that the “blizzard” was coming… But you know how easy it is to predict the weather. What were the odds we’d really get hit?  It was blowing hard (it had all night, enough to wake us up several times) but the snow was just starting to fall & the roads were cold had barely any accumulation on our drive in.  

Across our StreetTurns out around noon – when work had closed for both of us (and all schools had long since closed – just on the threat of “blizzard”) – the stom hit us in full force.  It wasn’t just the amount of snow – which probably was just over “average” for a good winter storm… It was the wind that made it a true white out… and gave most south facing houses (particularly on our street) drifts up to their car door handles…

1.5 days off work. And that never happens here for snow!

Enough snow for a White Christmas! :)

header-logo.jpgWe have a bit of an annual tradition going for my birthday – Brian takes us to a spa for a long weekend. (Yum!)  This year was no exception – and we headed down to Santa Fe, NM for a visit to Ten Thousand Waves.

Turns out B’s brother Kevin was turned on to the place when he was studying at St. Johns – and we were quickly hooked.

They’ve expanded a bit since last time – adding a few more treatment rooms, and lodging – but they have a very authentic japanese bath house feel that permiates the entire facility.

This time we spa’d at TTW – and really enjoyed ourselves. If you ever find yourself near Santa Fe – Ten Thousand Waves is a must!

From Texas Tech’s Office Of Communications & Marketing, Nov. 6, 2006:  

madonna-group.jpg The “Irish Madonna” statue was commissioned by the late W.B. Blankenship and his sons, Steve M., D. Bruce and Terry, and donated to the college in memory of his wife and their mother, Maxine Blankenship.


 The piece was originally cast as part of Goodacre’s Irish Memorial Project, created in 2003 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Great Hunger, one of the most devastating tragedies in European history. This major monument stands in downtown Philadelphia at Front and Chestnut streets.

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